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5th-May-2015 09:17 am - Friends Only
kiss me

This Journal is friends only, because I put some personal stuff on it too =3
7th-Nov-2010 11:33 am - Pray for Indonesia
kiss me


What you see in the first pic is no snow, it's a volcanic ashes from Mt. Merapi that rained the village around it. While in the second pic are Residents with volcanic ash smeared body displaced to the Stadium Maguwoharjo, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Courtesy of Photo: KOMPAS

Volcano eruption, tsunami, floods, many people died

and we found our self asked if the world really end on 2012

This seems to have been one of Indonesia’s darkest weeks for quite sometime. For those living in towns and villages around Mt. Merapi, including Yogyakarta, it has literally been an ash-gray week.

More than 100 people have died since the fiery volcano in Central Java began erupting last week, not only spewing molten lava, but sporadically expelling deadly hot clouds of volcanic dust that has descended on villages within the immediate 20-kilometer radius.

More than 100,000 people have been moved out of the danger zone. Yogyakarta — the capital of Javanese culture and the host to many centers of excellence — has been crippled beneath layers of volcanic ash. No matter where you look, the venerated town has turned completely grey.

I'm no religious person
and I'm preety sure that sometime I go to church because my mom threaten to strangle me if I don't go

But when the going gets though and it seems that nothing that human can do.

I can't help myself to called God and pray.................

3rd-Jan-2010 09:28 am - New Year
kiss me
May this year be a good year *especially for me*
I need a job! a good and "gajinya gede" one XD

Oh yeah, I go to the beach in the first day of 2010
and guess what??

I make a tatoo
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